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Why do you seek to join Teach For America? Throughout my training in the various jobs that I have held, I have obtained the organizational skills and rapport within the interactions I have made with each company, which I feel would highly qualify me for a variety of teaching positions throughout the Teach for America program. I have a strong passion for working with people and children, which I have learned throughout working in the restaurant services field and in the education field in the two schools I have tutored at with the AVID Program and mentored at as well. In both types of positions that I’ve held, customer service and human relation skills were highly valued and I have over six years of experience in positions of this magnitude. Some skills that I have received from my mentors and supervisors that I have had the privilege of working with are that I have become more comfortable in public settings, improving my verbal skills on a professional level and having to draft letters of intent for field trips, fundraisers and order forms which has greatly improved my written communication skills as well. I believe that these skills that I have obtained throughout my year of tutoring can gravely benefit me in the full time classroom setting. Over the past year, the AVID Coordinator has been training me in valuable classroom management skills which I have been able to take with me to the second school I began tutoring at this current 2010-2011 school year. I care deeply about these children that I work with and only want them to succeed. I am very detail oriented, which I put into practice as the Treasure of my Business and Professional Sorority, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. and tend to spend much time focused on prioritizing my work and organizing things, because I do not like clutter. I also have a great knack for multitasking, which I learned well in the 4

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