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Benjamin Tunney 1700 Marshal-Petaluma Rd Petaluma, Ca 94952 (925) 518-2229: cell (415) 663-9012: home BenjaminTunney@gmail.com Bob Houghteling, Executive Director of the BATTI program 6134 Harwood Avenue Oakland, CA 94618 Dear Mr. Houghteling, A great measure of success is a person's ability to think critically and be intentional with their life. I believe the true purpose of a teacher is to prepare kids to be good citizens of the world—to be satisfied, well rounded human beings, which is not entirely about knowledge. I want to encourage personal awareness, responsibility and a sense of stewardship for our community and planet to thrive. As a teacher I will positively impact the future of our world, live and work with a deep sense of purpose and ignite the spark of learning that will inspire generations of change. Through my experience at Walker Creek Ranch working as a Naturalist I have acquired the skills to teach to different learning styles and find teachable moments in circumstances as they present themselves. As a Naturalist my primary responsibility is to work each week with a core group of up to 20 fifth or sixth grade students and to take these students on activities and classes throughout our 1,700 acre property. To do this effectively I organize curriculum, plan trail use, develop lesson plans, and ensure a safe and appropriate learning environment for students. I perform these tasks in a conscientious manner making sure that the students receive the highest quality experience possible and I work hard to seek out the best techniques and information available. My job is simply to be the lead learner in my trail group—to be real and to be authentic for my students. To be flexible, passionate and to be serious when I need to be. I illustrate this learner centered philosophy by taking group discussion fearlessly into the frontiers of my own understanding:

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