Tda 3.1 Essay

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Page ( 1 / 3 ) Department of Early Years and Care EVIDENCE RECORD SHEET Learner Name | | CACHE PIN | | ULN | | Assessor Name | | Assessment method A Direct observation of learner by Assessor J Reflection on own practice B Professional discussion K Written and pictorial information C Expert witness evidence L Scenario or case study D Learner’s own products M Task set by CACHE E Learner log N Questions and answers F Activity plan or planned activity O Assessment method devised by Centre G Observation of CYP or adults by the learner Assessment plan H Portfolio of evidence Feedback I Prior learning | Recording evidence | Unit | Assessment criteria | Area 1Effective communication we need to demonstrate effective skills.Considering how we approach children, young people and adults.Effective communication is not just about speaking and listening it’s also about watching and feelings.The tone of our voice can communicate better than words. Listening effectively involves be able to tune into others body language, tone of voice as well as words being strong and effective.We have to think how we relate to others e.g. like messages sent out. Misunderstanding can cause breakdown which could lead to bad feelings.Most important aspect is finding a way of communicating effectively like them being comfortable in our company.It is important we consider how we can develop numerous different ways to build positive relationships on a daily basis.Showing respect and courtesy listening to their points of views at all times, respecting their culture as they have different values and beliefs.Little things about remembering names.Time to listen make sure we are listening when they ask for help or advice, showing interest and respond appropriately.A little
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