Tda 2.8 Support Children and Young People`S Health and Safety. Essay

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Describe how current health and safety legislation, policy and procedures are implemented in the setting. The head teacher is responsible for health and safety legislation, ensuring that the school meets the objectives are which set out by the policy and that the school policy is actively applied, and is regularly updated and revised, also that all health and safety guidance issued by the learning trust is available to all staff and that appropriate training is offered to help staff perform these tasks. Also to remove, contain or isolate as is appropriate any hazard on the school premises, if any to advise the learning trust and the governing body of any circumstances that restrict or obstruct implementation, also meet and consult regularly with the safety representatives and provide a health and safety report to the governing body upon demand. Also teachers are required to spot any hazards from day to day, to safe guard the children in their care, if there are any potential dangers it is the teachers responsibility to inform the head teacher of any hazards and to know the policy and implement it in their daily performance, if a child has a accident the teacher has to make sure that the details of all accidents are properly recorded, investigated and the head teacher is inform by the safety representatives (first aider) also to have regular liaison with safety representatives in the school. The school keeper or premises manager will make regular inspection of the school paying particular attention to building and to service condition that could extend to being a health and safety hazard, also ensuring that all emergency exits are clear and that any rubbish is not allowed to accumulate in or around the school as well as ensuring that the fire alarm system is tested regularly and to remove, isolate or contain any hazards which will be recorded and notified to the head

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