Tda 2.8 4.3

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[pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] All questions are mandatory. To ensure that all knowledge and understanding has been met for this unit all questions must be completed. 3.1 State what the potential hazards are when cleaning each area of the following work Environments: Floors and walls. Slips and trips Floor cleaning is significant in causing slip and trip accidents, both to cleaning staff and others poor lighting can increase the risk of trips, as obstacles may not be clearly visible. Work tables/benches keep work surfaces clean and clear of obstructions, waste, and other materials. All boxes, material should be routinely removed from the work area. Mop floors and clean…show more content…
Sterilization is used when you have an animal in quarantine ensure everything is kept sterile otherwise this can cause bacterial infections 4.4 State the frequency with which different items of equipment should be cleaned and maintained. Equipment should be cleaned as and when it has been used to stop any contamination of anybody else using the equipment 4.5 Describe how to recognize potentially hazardous equipment and the potential effects of not reporting it. By reading the instructions on the bottle to ensure it is stored and used correctly. 4.6 Explain the reasons of maintaining and storing cleaning materials and equipment safely and correctly. Ensure all cleaning materials & equipment is locked away to prevent any trips falls or potential hazzards 4.7 State why it is important to keep accurate records. Ensure there is a log kept to ensure each animal/ housing is clean & up to date 4.8 Describe how cleaning, maintenance and storage of work equipment contributes to bio security measures. To ensure the equipment used is to be put away safely and correctly where other staff now where they are and that they are out the way of customers 5.1 Outline the current health and safety and animal welfare legislation, codes of practice
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