Tda 2.5 Task 7

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TDA 2.5 6.1,6.2,6.3 6.1 Identify the roles & responsibilities of national & local government for education policy & practice National Government The Department of Education is responsible for education and children’s services in England, their role consists of producing policies such as The National Curriculum & EYFS and ensuring that they are implemented in nurseries, schools & further education. The DfE works to achieve high standards of education for all children equally up to the age of 19, regardless of their background of family circumstance. The implementation of school’s performance tables where made available & provides data from schools within England around performance, characteristics & their spending. The National Government are always reviewing the quality of their service, using the 5 points from Every Child Matters for guidance & have 21 polices from creating a fairer & more equal society to improving the quality of teaching & learning. The Department of Education roles cover:- • Developing voluntary community organisations & charities who work with children • Developing workforce reform • Funding research into projects for Education • Promoting integrated working for all children & young people Local Government The Local Government provides services to local schools, their key role is to provide advice & support which covers:- • Behaviour Management • Curriculum/EYFS • Development of Schools Policies • Promoting Community Cohesion • SEN • Staff Training & Development It is the Local Authorities role to produce guidelines for policies for a uniformed approach across the local area and to provide information to schools, which demonstrates the vision & plans of developing the Government based initiatives. In addition to this, if there are any changes to an education policy it is the LA responsibility to
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