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1. Know the different types of schools in the education sector. 1.1/1.2 Types of schools Primary school- Reception to year 6 (4-11 year old), key stage 1 and 2 will be taught. The primary school may have a nursery (3-4 year old) early stage foundation will be taught to the nursery children. The school follows the national curriculum and is inspected by Ofsted. First school- A first school is very similar to a primary school, but it is part of the 3 tier system (first, middle and high school). The school takes pupils from reception to year 4 aged 4-9 years. They follow key stage 1 and 2. Middle school- Part of the 3 tier system from year 5-year 8, (age 9-13). The school will be inspected by Ofsted. There is a School governing bodies that are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the Head teacher, who is responsible for day to day management, they set the schools aims and values. They have to follow a national curriculum key stage 2 and 3. Academy- This could be a primary or secondary school, they are state funded. They can pay the teachers what they want. They must meet the same National Curriculum core subject requirements as other state schools and will be inspection by Ofsted. Secondary school- A secondary school is a school which provides secondary education after primary school from year 7- year 11 (age 11-16) they follow key stage 3 and 4. Ofsted inspect the school, they have a government bodies to help the running of the school. Independent school- This a private school, you have to pay school fees for the education. An independent school does not have to follow national curriculum and can decide on its holidays and term time. Faith school- A faith school is a school that teaches a general curriculum but which has a particular religious character or formal links with a
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