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Unit number TDA 2.2 2.4 Fire If I was to hear the fire alarm or discover a fire I would calmly inform other members of staff and then calmly evacuate the children to the relevant assembly point telling them that they must not take anything with them and, that under no circumstances, should they re-enter the building until the all clear is given. Security All visitors to the school, including students, reading buddies etc, should sign in and out and wear an identification badge. Any person on the school grounds that is not wearing a badge and looks suspicious should be reported to a member of staff immediately. I am placed in an infant school where it is important to follow registration procedures when you are late (see 1.1 page3 safeguarding children). Children are never allowed to go unless an adult, either the teacher or they recognise, picks them up. Missing children Children should not go missing from schools due to the security procedures in place but on rare occasions when they do it is important to remain calm. The most likely time for this to happen is when pupils are on school trips. If a child does go missing it is important to: Tell the teacher in charge immediately making sure all the other children are present. This can be done with a head count or the register. Check the school grounds and if there is still no sign tell the child’s parents and the

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