Td Canada Trust Case Study

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Visit to TD Canada Trust Appointment with Waseem Question & Answer about GIC 1) What is the minimum age for registering for GIC products? Ans): There is no minimum age for registering for GIC products. Anyone can invest in this fixed income security if they will and if they want. 2) What is the process of buying a GIC? How long would it take for a person that doesn't bank with TD to buy a TD GIC? Ans): To Purchase a GIC or Term Deposit Online: * We must have an existing TD Canada Trust bank account. This account will be debited for the value of your investment. * We must be a Canadian resident. * For GICs to be held within a TD Canada Trust Tax-Free Savings Account: the account must be in your personal name.…show more content…
Bonds are not better than GIC(s). Bonds offer lower interest rate, so low that it is better to just invest our money in a TD Savings Account. Mostly investors do not even consider Bonds as there more much better investment opportunities. GIC(s) offer more interest rates, more options and so there is more demand for GIC(s). 7) What is the most popular age group for buying GICs? Why? Ans): The most popular age group for buying GIC(s) would be the middle-age and mostly the old aged people. Well because they have the cash and so they have the time. Their objectives are often huge which requires a lump-sum to be invested. The older people choose this security also because it gives fixed income which is guaranteed, there is minimal risk and less management needed. 8) What is laddering GICs? Pros and cons? Ans): Laddering GIC(s) is a proven method of investing (also known as a laddering strategy) it can help you reduce the risk of interest rate fluctuations and increase your portfolio's overall return. Pros will be higher returns, every year 20% of your portfolio will mature and it decreases the cons of non-cashable GIC(s). Cons will be a bit more work and attention needed by the…show more content…
Ans): The only way to boost our GIC investment return is to invest in a GIC package which offers a great deal with a possibility of a higher return. In TD Canada Trust, investors should take a look into Market Growth GIC(s) and further into that Security GIC Plus. Such security deals offer rates which are, even at their minimum, better than other GIC investment

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