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TCP / IP Name Institution Course Date TCP / IP As explained by Dean (2009), Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or the Internet Protocol (IP) is used to refer to a suite of communication protocols used to link the hosts to the internet and other computer networks. With regard to computers, a protocol refers to an acceptable format of getting things done. Specifically, a protocol is used to describe a set of rules or procedures that make it easier for people to connect and transmit data using computers. TCP/IP protocol suite is designed to be used by the UNIX operating system, and its descendants such as Linux, the Unix-like operating system, and the Mac OS X. It should be understood that the Network Operating Systems that contain networking protocols also support TCP/IP. The overall aim of designing TCP/IP protocol suite is to ensure that the network is robust and is in a position to recover automatically incase a given network device fails to work. In addition the protocol facilitates the construction of bigger networks that do not require complex systems of management. Looking at the layers of TCP/IP protocol, Blank (2006) asserts that, the TCP/IP protocol has a series of layers for systems and networks that facilitate effective communication between different types of devices. The five layers are identified as the application layer, the transport layer, the network layer, data link layer, and the physical layer. The application layer provides a path for different applications to access networked services. The transport layer is used as the delivery service by the application layer. The two protocols used in this layer are UDP and TCP. The choice on what protocol to use is dependent on the transmission reliability requirements of the application. It should be understood that the transport layer also handles recovery and detection errors. End to end

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