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tc160 full course latest all discussions and all assignments Click Link Below To Buy: week 1 Communication Technology (graded) Communication technology has evolved from cave paintings to smartphones. Select a communication technology, define it, and tell us the impact it had on society. Be sure to select a technology that has not been discussed already by another student. Our goal here is to explore as many different communication technologies as we can so that we can fully assess its impact on our world through all phases and types of communications. Digital Entertainment and its Impact (graded) Digital entertainment is any type of digital media used to entertain us, such as images, videos, audio files, and so forth. Select a type of digital media, define it, explain how it is used, and discuss its impact on society. Consider ethical, legal, medical, political, and social impacts. In your discussion, also consider age and gender. Finally, discuss how digital entertainment affects our communication. week 2 Freedom on the Internet (graded) The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the The Freenet Projectare two organizations whose purpose is to protect freedom on the Internet. Explore these organizations' websites and learn more about them. Select one to write about in your post. Tell us what the organization is working on or what it has accomplished in the past. Have its efforts benefited freedom on the Internet? How? Net Neutrality (graded) What is net neutrality? Review the website Save the Internet to learn more. Use Google and explore the topic on the Web. Read blogs, view videos on YouTube, and learn more about net neutrality. Is net neutrality a good thing or should there be some controls in place for the Web? Research the topic,

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