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Tay - Sachs disease PSY 104 Child and Adolescent Development Jennifer Davis Instructor: Sharia Clinkscales March 24, 2013 Genetics and Development: As a discipline of biology, genetics is basically considered as the science of genes, inheritance, and differences in living organisms. Since genes are common characteristics in living organisms, genetics is used in the study of all living systems including plants, humans, domestic animals, bacteria, and viruses. Generally, this biological discipline focuses on the molecular structure and operation of genes whose behaviors are in the context of organisms or cells. Additionally, genetics also deals with distribution of genes, differences and changes in population, and heredity patterns from parent to offspring. One of the main characteristics of the contemporary science of genetics is its focus on explaining the heredity process because living things inherit individuality from their parents. With the increasing discoveries by geneticists, this science of biology plays an integral role in the process of human development. Genetics and Human Development: As genetics has continued to capture popular science together with a few other disciplines in science, one of the major aspects of genetic science is its role in the process of human development. Actually, genetics and human development cannot be separated even with the increase in daily learning by geneticists. Unlike previous presumptions, the human genome is made up of fewer genes of approximately 30,000 rather than 120,000. Due to the fewer number of genes of the nematode, there is an intricate relationship between the genes and the difficult biological formations and behaviors of human beings. Notably, a single gene has the ability of producing more than one protein that has serious outcomes in when linking genes to phenotypic

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