Tayo Chapter Summaries

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In the first chapter, Tayo is having bad dreams about his time in the Philippines. He was there for the war, and has terrible memories of his lost uncle and cousin. He thinks about his time in the Veteran’s Hospital. He soon gets up to attend the ranch that he lives on alone. His friend Harley comes by to invite him to come drink, and Tayo accepts, but suffers from sunstroke on the way. Tayo soon flashes back to when his aunt took him in because his mother went with a white man. Once he comes out he feels sick and vomits. He calls his grandmother because he wants to go back to the hospital. She decides to call him a medicine man. The medicine man comes and performs a ritual. Soon Tayo feels well enough to help on the ranch and sleep through the night. He goes to a tavern with his friends and realizes how much the alcohol dulls the pain. Soon he tells stories of postwar discrimination and cries for the situation his friends are in. Tayo has flashbacks to the war and to happy times he and Rocky had. Tayo remembers a native story about why the droughts happen. His friends keep talking about war stories and Emo makes rude comments about Tayo. Tayo gets angry and jumps at him and is taken by the cops. Tayo flashes back to when he and Rocky signed up for the war. He…show more content…
He has a flashback to the war and Josiah telling him about flies. Tayo spends the night in Harley’s barn. Soon Robert says Tayo needs more help so they go to Gallup to find a medicine man. Tayo sees the medicine man Betonie and his helper Shush. Tayo stays the night with Betonie and he tells him stories of long ago. The drought story is also continued now. Tayo starts to feel better but the medicine man wont take payment. Tayo ends up drinking with Harley and Leroy and meets Helen Jean. Tayo begins to have more flashbacks, and throws up some more. Then he gets Harley and Leroy home and ends up at a woman’s house, and finally gets to see the stars he’s wanted to
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