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Taxes on Junk Food Essay

  • Submitted by: martinessay8080
  • on August 2, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Salinas, Martin  
July 31, 2012
Classical Argument
Rough Draft

If you were to look around you at any given moment, what would you see? You would probably see people, buildings, street signs, stores or even animals. If you were to look specifically for people in good physical shape it would probably be a task harder than you imagined. Now finding someone who is overweight or simply out of shape seems to be an easier task and that’s the problem. Unfortunately for us, the foods most people eat are the cause of this unhealthy matter. The response to this by many people is that the foods that most people can ‘afford’ therefore being cheaper are obviously the reason to this issue and is inevitable. According to the Los Angeles Times, two-thirds of the United States is either overweight or obese. This leads people to be in extremely high health risks compared to the one-third of Americans who do take care of themselves properly. Some health risks just to name a few are diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. All which can lead to death, a death that you brought upon yourself. We need to begin taking the initiative that I believe could help with the problem of obesity and poor health, tax on unhealthy foods and beverages. With a hefty tax on ‘fat-foods’ Americans will be rather forced to weigh out their options. With their fatty foods now equal to price or even more expensive than healthier foods, I believe many people will begin to try a healthier alternative in their diets, of course with the knowledge of what may happen to their health if they don’t clean up their eating habits. This could promote longer, healthier lives, happier people, better work progression, saved lives and much more. Now answer this, if adding a tax on unhealthy food and beverages could promote all of what I said above and save you money would you want that? I am sure many people would but with every argument there are two sides and the other side has their reasons too....

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