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Essay There are 146 267 288 natural persons in the Russian Federation. Even though every single person has to pay taxes, the amount of money someone has to pay differs. However, when we assume personal income taxes in Russia, the quantity of money depends on the very type of the tax. Basically, there are two three types: progressive, regressive and proportional. The tax system in Russia is proportional, which means, that tax rate is fixed and it does not matter how much you earn. What matters is how exactly you are going to earn some sum of money. But what happens if we try to impose another type of the tax, the progressive one? We have tried to imagine not only the results of that action, but the process we will need to go through in order to do so. We have a lot to tell you about exact pluses and minuses of such a system, especially in the conditions of sanctions and from the faces of students. Basically, in case you try to analyze overall system in which the country operates, the total income it may get after imposing another type of the tax, or even changing the structure of the economy, it is always hard to get all the things accounted. Still, we were able to tell the decision after all and give our opinion on that question. Of course we are not the professionals to work out the strategy of taxes for countries, especially the ones like Russia, and give some exact numbers, but we are able to tell the key ideas we

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