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Hello, everybody. Today I am going to share some of my own experience and perspective with you guys. Hope you all have fun tonight. Before I came to the U.S. I had a year working experience as a financial assistant in a state-owned company in China. This company is a relatively large energy company and primarily engages in coal and gas production. I worked in the accounting department, but we called financial department. The thing I want to talk is about tax. If we use taxation terms, legally decreasing tax payment is called tax avoidance. Illegal decrease is called tax evasion. In China, obviously, tax evasion is very common. Because the tax burden is too huge to be affordable for most of Chinese companies, they choose to cook the books to decrease the taxable income and avoid the tax expenses. Meanwhile, the companies bribe the local revenue officers. Then, both of them are beneficiary from this illegal activity. This situation is pretty common. I was the lowest employee in the company, so I would not have any chance to give a comment on this or change that. If, in the future, I can be back to the same department in the same company and be the leader there, what I should do? Should I try my best to fight with the dark force for justice? Of course, not. Why? if I don’t do this, I will be fired and the company can find another guy to do this. In my mind, tax evasion is definitely an illegal behavior, but the reality is I cannot lose my job; especially this is a well-paid job. Sometimes, a leader has to compromise with the reality even if it is bad. I learned in this class, as a leader, I should influence my subordinates. But, here is a thing I want to say. The subordinates and the environment or firm culture also influence the leader. If all people in the department think tax evasion is reasonable. Yes, it is reasonable. Who cares if this is legal or not.

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