Tattoos in the Workplace

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Tattoos are accepted in many cultures, they date back to early Egyptian times, mummies have been found with markings to bring them into the afterlife safely. The oldest known tattoos were found on a mummified body found in the Alps in 1991. It was found to be over 5,000 years old. Throughout history, tattoos have been symbols for religion, affiliation, social status and self-expression. According to a survey, 24 percent of Americans ages 18 to 50 have at least one tattoo. A person no longer has to be military, an ex-con, or be part of a circus sideshow to join this ongoing trend. Among the tattooed include college students, kindergarten teachers, graphic designers, baristas, even doctors. Tattoos in the workplace do not affect ones working abilities, they bring diversity to the workplace and bring more creativity to the employees who get to express their individuality. Employers should open their minds to the distinction of many young talented prospective employees.
There are many reasons why people get tattoos, self-expression is definitely the biggest reason. Many people like to express their individuality by wearing eclectic jewelry or clothing, some like to collect their art on their walls, but approximately 45 million Americans choose to display their favorite artwork on their skin. Many ink coinsures use their body as a canvas for great artwork. Some people say that getting a tattoo makes them feel liberated. No one wants to look like someone else, they do it to stand out of the crowd, some do it for cosmetic enhancement or therapeutic reasons. Many use tattoos to mark a specific time in their lives, like an accomplishment, or to remember certain people that they want cherish and honor forever. Many women who have lived through cancer have used tattoos to cover up their mastectomy scar. Tattoos not only bring happiness but sometimes relieve

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