Tattoos in the Law Field Essay

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Part 1 The three slides in the criminal justice field image that are shown do look professional in my opinion. They have good hygiene, good posture, are in their uniforms so obviously well dressed. They all three have anything covered up as far as tattoos, if any, and have no piercings that are shown in this image. They all have good appearance professionally. What made these individual’s professional are the fact they all had uniforms on, and as previous stated, they did not have visible tattoos or piercings, good posture, etc. The second image had an individual looking at DNA evidence or some sort of forensics, and he had his mask on in order to not contaminate the sample, and that means that he followed his job rules. The third image he did not really have a uniform on, he looked as if he were an investigator or undercover maybe, but he had his gun for protection in a holster and still seemed professional with it. Things that would not have been professional would be huge gauges in their ears, or piercings in their face of any sort. Offensive tattoos all over the body such as the face or arms. Also slouching body language would have been a no no in this particular field, because you need to be professional, respectful, and approachable so that people know they can come to you no matter what the circumstance or situation. Part 2 The appropriate attire for law enforcement as a police officer would be a uniform which comes in different colors depending on the county or city you are in. If a person is an investigator they are in cargo pants and a shirt that has the county they work for in a badge imprinted on the shirt. Also, they all wear belts where they carry their weapons such as guns or pepper spray and things like that. Behavioral attributes do you practice that identify you as a professional would be definitely good communication skills, well

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