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Tattoos It seems that more people are expressing themselves by using body art, known as tattoos. This form of expression can be seen in today’s society more than in any era in the history of humankind. Why is this? Not too long ago most people associated tattoos with sailors, convicts, and motorcycle gangs. Today, tattoos are mainstream. Many of our professional athletes, movie stars, and musicians have visible tattoos. Popular reality TV shows like “Miami Ink”, “LA Ink”, and “Inked” are dedicated to tattoos and tattoo artists. Tattooing has become so popular, that if a person does not have a tattoo, he or she most likely knows someone who does. With this new fad comes the question; can they be removed? Before receiving a tattoo, customers should consider the risks involved, why they want a permanent tattoo, and if the tattoo can be removed. Tattoos are meant to be permanent. Additionally there can be health risks involved in getting a tattoo. Even though getting a tattoo is safe these days; there are still some risks involved that many people do not consider. There is the risk of infection. This can be received by improper sterilization of the tattooing equipment. If dirty needles or equipment are used, diseases like hepatitis and HIV can be spread person to person. Recent studies have shown tattooing is associated with Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV). According to Brown, Perlmutter, and McDermott (2000), even with “proper sterilization, studies suggest tattooing ink can become contaminated and transmit HCV [or HBV]. Though most regulated and professional tattooists now take precautions to avoid exposing customers to HBV and HCV from contaminated needles, ink receptacles, or the tattooist’s hands, such precautions may not be observed [with] tattoos from less-skilled acquaintances, in unregulated tattooing establishments, or on the streets.” (Hepatitis

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