Tattooed Persons Essay

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Stereotypes Denise Sanders PHI103: Informal Logic Professor John Moore December 17, 2010 Stereotyping is a role that as humans we cannot seem to live without. The public views stereotyping as something to be avoided, but in reality it is something to be used moderately. Most things in life are helpful to our mental or physical if we use them in control. In life it is our personal responsibility to make wise decisions, like the decision of deciding who to be around. Growing up I was heard this expression "birds of a feather flock together". When hearing that statement you do not come to the conclusion that the meaning of the statement is everyone is different. The statement generally means watch who you hang out with, because that will determine how people will view you. Stereotyping are labels that people label you before getting to know you. The labeling process can stream from the type of clothes you wear to the color of you skin. You may have heard Politicians are sneaky, will lie to get your vote, tattooed people are criminals, wild and unruly, senior citizens they are just mean and senile, and finally feminists those man-hating lesbians. Politicians Some stereotypes of a politician may fall under these categories I'm Republican, so I may not care about poor people, I am Liberal, so I might be gay, or I’m a Democrat so I do not believe in being responsible. “The single most outstanding stereotype attributable to politicians as a result of their slanting and slandering is the "double-standard"” (Moore & Parker, Every politician that walks in the midst of our society does not automatically fall into these common views all the time. There are some politicians that actually care about the well-being of their followers and their primary focus is helping. The problem stems from they have to please their political party, and,

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