Tattoo Discriminatoin Essay

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Tattoos are one of the very few art forms that are still done by hand. It’s a type of body modification and is growing in today’s society. The only problem that occurs is with the growing popularity of tattoos, companies and work places aren’t to fond of having somebody covered in tattoos representing there company. My opinion is that companies need to quit discriminating against those who have tattoos and focus more on how the person’s work ethic and personality is. The common misconception of tattoos is that everyone who has one or has a sleeve of them is considered a “delinquent” or a “punk” when sometimes they are a caring father with a very successful job. The unfortunate thing for “tattoo lovers” is that the potential discrimination they face doesn’t fall under the same category as other discrimination problems such as: Sex, Race, Age, Sexual orientation, and religion. I think it should fall under the same category because sometimes people get them because of those reason and religion being a particular one. A survey that was conducted by the Pew Research Center estimated that 36 percent of those ages 18 to 25 and 40 percent of those ages 26 to 40 have had at least one tattoo. What that shows me is that tattoos are constantly growing and growing. Companies to this day are still criticizing employees or future applicants. Even denying them a promotion or even a job because they have visible tattoos even if they aren’t offensive to the public. The person with the tattoos may have spent countless hours sitting in a chair, suffered a good deal amount of pain to have something permanently attached to their skin, have something that is beautifully done and not be able to show it off? I find that a bit ridiculous that companies are going to ridicule their employees or future applicants and force them to cover up something because they just don’t want the company to

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