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|Content coverage |Learning outcomes Students will be assessed on their ability to: |Exemplar resources | |Section 1: Forces and motion |1.1 use the following units: kilogram (kg), metre (m), metre/second (m/s), |Edexcel International GCSE Physics Student Book Pages 1–3, 10 and 57 | |a) Units |metre/second2 (m/s2), newton (N), second (s), newton per kilogram (N/kg), kilogram metre/second (kg |Distance–time graphs: ActiveBook Page 3, animation | |b) Movement and position |m/s). |Edexcel International GCSE Physics Revision Guide Pages 14 to 17 and Pages 92 to 95 | | |1.2 plot and interpret distance–time graphs |General links for materials for all physics topics: | | |1.3 know and use the relationship between average speed, distance moved and |The Physics Teacher: Junior Cert Physics | | |time: |The Physics Teacher: Leaving Cert Physics | | |average speed = distance moved/time taken | | |Section 1: Forces and motion |1.4 describe experiments to investigate the

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