Taste of Watermelon

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Taste of water melon By Borden Deal In the extract of “The taste of Watermelon” Borden Deal shows the anger of one person and the kindness of the other. Mr Wills’s seeds were stolen and he was very disappointed. He got angry and started to destroy his own watermelon field. The Narrator’s father tried to help and control Mr Wills even though he was knocked down by him a couple of times. Borden uses Dialogue and descriptive language to make the scene more dramatic. Mr Wills started destroying every single watermelon patch in the field. To make the scene more dramatic, Deal used “tearing up and down” instead of “destroying”. The narrator called this a “frantic destruction” because he felt it very intense. The Narrator’s father stepped into the patch and asked Mr Wills “what’s come over you?” , Mr Wills said that his Watermelon seeds were stolen. The narrator’s father was very brave, he grabbed Mr Wills with both arms even though Mr Wills was much bigger, but Mr Wills shoved him away, striking him with his fist. The narrator’s father fell down and Mr Wills did not notice that. To make this moment more in detail and dramatic, Deal showed the insane look of Mr Wills (his teeth gripped over his lower lip, his eyes gleaming furiously) and showed each moment taking place. Then suddenly Mr Wills said in low voice “They Stole my seed melon”. The narrator did not believe that there was such quietness in a person like Mr Wills. Mr Wills started to cry. Deal added more descriptive language here by saying “I saw the tears stood on his cheeks”. The scene was so horrible that the narrator could not look at it anymore. Mr Wills said that he had two plans for that melon. His wife wanted to eat the melon from the greatest melon crop that was planted by Mr Wills. It was her melon for eating and Mr Wills’s melon for planting. The narrator couldn’t withstand the whole
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