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Abstract This study is going to provide a research of Marketing to identify recent problems and analyze the effects of these problems and find how to solve that using the companies Apple and RIM as example. In fact, the research will explain the various elements of the marketing and analyze marketing opportunities, target markets, marketing mix and marketing effort. In addition, it will evaluate the benefits and costs of the marketing orientation as well as show the macro and micro environmental factors for both companies. It will also propose the way of each company products in different markets and show the targeting strategy for each product/service. The analyzes will demonstrate how the buyer behaviour affects the marketing activities and propose new ways to the products. It will also show how the products are developed to be competitive and how customer convenience is provided distribute as well as how the prices are putted to result in objectives. In conclusion, the study will illustrate how promotion activity could achieve marketing objectives and analyze the additional elements of marketing mix as well as how and why international marketing is different than domestic marketing and the important of that. It will show one brief explanation of everything in marketing and how marketing is important. For analyze all these things the research will use two companies Apple and RIM to compare results and observe the problems of each. And research in secondary sources all the questions of marketing such as definitions to achieve all knowledge which are needed to complete this

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