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Task 2
Tina Carter
Western Governors University

Task 2

Scenario One
Part A
After reviewing Mrs. Zwick’s chart I note that the patient and her daughter who is involved her discharge teaching have several questions regarding Medicare. I schedule a time to meet with the patient and her daughter to address these concerns. In speaking with Mrs. Zwick’s daughter, she informs me that she does not understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. I explain to her that Medicare provides medical for people over the age of 65. Those over 65 are covered automatically, and it is not income based. Seniors who are covered by Medicare must pay part of the cost of their healthcare through deductibles and they pay a monthly premium. Additionally, I point out that Medicare is run by the federal government, therefore what is covered, the rules and regulations are consistent
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In contrast, Medicaid is a financial assistance program for the low-income population. It is need based. Eligibility is determined by a person’s income. Patients who are covered by Medicaid may or may not pay costs associated with their health care. Lastly, Medicaid is jointly run by states and federal government, therefore the rules and regulations vary from state to state. (Solitto)
Mrs. Zwick and her daughter both state they have a clearer picture of the differences between Medicare and Medicaid, so we move on to what costs will be covered for her hospitalization. I begin with what is covered for her mother under Part A. In general, the hospital care itself, skilled nursing facility care, nursing home care (excluding custodial care), hospice care and home health services. Considering this information, I inform Mrs. Zwick’s daughter that her mother’s

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