Task 1 Health Promotion

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Task 1 Health Promotion The aim of this assignment is to provide a definition of health and explain the potential impact of socio-economic factors on the health of children, also to research two different health promotion programmes. I see the definition of health is when a person is in a good general mental well being, a good physical and social state, and that they are free of illness. Health, according to the World Health Organisation is ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ being in good health doesn’t always mean just being free of any illnesses, it can be the general condition of the mind and the body, it is a balance of all these things being good and working well. According to Wikipedia the definition of health is: ‘Health can be defined negatively, as the absence of illness, functionally, as the ability to cope with everyday activities, or positively, as fitness and…show more content…
The level of wellness or health is, in part, determined by the ability to deal with and defend against stress. Health is on a continuum with movements between a state of optimum well being and illness which is defined as degrees of disharmony. It is determined by physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, spiritual and developmental stages variables.’ There are different types of models of health, the first model is about positive and negative health, positive health is a positive attitude towards health, so the person achieves a healthy state to keeping fit and healthy ob their own and make sure they do this themselves. Negative health is when the person doesn’t believe in looking after himself or herself, and doesn’t have a positive attitude for looking after their well being and health, but they are ‘healthy’ they just don’t have a good attitude towards looking after their
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