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Task 1 Chelsa Murrell Western Governors University I am a clinical nurse specialist with a Post-Masters Nursing Informatics Certificate, currently working in a 100-bed community based hospital. My training as a Informatics Nurse Specialist, personal experience with multiple electronic record systems, and my vast work experience in a wide array of specialties, the hospital has asked me to lead a multidisciplinary team of hospital professionals to explore and recommend a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that successfully integrates paper charting over to electronic charting and incorporates the meaningful use legislation. Meaningful use compliance is met by having an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in place that effectively improves quality, safety, and efficiency, reduces health disparities, engages patients and their families, improves care coordination and public health, as well as maintains privacy and security of patient health information. As a result of successful meaningful use within the EHR system – improved clinical and population health outcomes, increased transparency and efficiency, an empowerment among individuals, and more robust research data within health systems would allow the hospital to be within the legislative goals of the definition. There are three stages and objectives to meeting this goal of meaningful use that will continue to evolve over a five year time frame from 2011 to 2016. Stage 1 [2011-2012] encompasses data capture and sharing; Stage 2 [2014] involves advanced clinical processes; and Stage 3 [2016] will focus on improved outcomes for patients, families, and healthcare providers, and advanced patient engagement. (HealthIT.gov, 2015) In order to effectively incorporate meaningful use into our EHR system selection, I have recruited a variety of committee members who play a vital role in specific areas of

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