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Running head: Task 1 Issues in Behavioral Science Task 1 Rita B Reutter Western Governors University Task 1 Western nations can have a direct or indirect influence on under-developed societies 2 through the concepts of globalization and modernization. Modern advancement for nonWestern countries seems intrinsically positive, but in many instances the effects of globalization have a negative impact on the culture, lifestyle and progress of underdeveloped nations. Globalization has been defined as ‘the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture” (“Globalization 101”, 2014). The main impetus involved in the spread of globalization is advancements in technology, such as communications and travel. The ease with which people can obtain information over the Internet and television allows for exchange of information in a manner that is far quicker and easier than previously possible or imaginable. In some instances, traditions and beliefs that have been in place in a culture for centuries can be altered quite substantially in a fraction of the time it took to become ingrained in those societies. An example of a culture change that has arisen through globalization is the dietary transitions that have occurred in China over the past several decades. A trend toward a Western fast food diet has lead to an increase in obesity and disease prevalence, specifically diabetes. For many centuries, a traditional Chinese diet has consisted of low cholesterol foods with plant-based proteins and minimal dietary fat. In 1980, less than 1% of Chinese adults were diagnosed with diabetes. By 2008, however, an estimated 92 million Chinese adults suffered from diabetes (Bankman, 2013). This amounts to approximately 10% of the overall Chinese population, and

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