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Task 1 Introduction: For most businesses, a main priority can be the profit brought in at the end of the day. A small fish in a big pond can be a good description to how a small grocery store chain could be in the world of big business against large national chains. Small and large, with the consumers help, businesses of these sorts are urged to consider the goals of organization, structure, and social responsibility as well. A business in search of success has the knowledge of the market and what consumers are looking for, need, and expect from a business. Part A: Evaluate Company Q’s current attitude toward social responsibility. With the current track record of Company Q, it could be off putting for consumers to trust them in providing what is expected of a grocery store. Between having locations in higher crime rate areas and store closures of other locations, it can seem as if the Company Q store chain made no effort to look at the market or details surrounding the areas of those locations. Being that there were closures and possible thefts at those stores, high profitability seemed out of reach. Little to no profit is a good indication that social responsibility towards their consumers and local communities surrounding their store locations was not a priority. The understanding of consumers’ expectations and what can be done for the surrounding communities can show the understanding of social responsibility. After many requests Company Q mildly complied with the requests of their consumers by introducing organic, as well as health conscience products. These products were among the higher revenue products offered by the food chain. In this aspect, Company Q listened to consumer requests. On other hand, not offering other comparable products could show that the company took the voices of the consumers into little account. Just as consumer requests for

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