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Evaluation of Company Q’s Attitude Toward Social Responsibility While looking over the attitude toward social responsibly held by Company Q, it is quite apparent that the company has a negative attitude in that area. It seems that the company is running entirely for their own benefit and well-being, and do not have a concern for the community. Although a company must be run to maximize profit, they also hold a responsibility to the communities in which they work. After review of the evaluation on the attitude toward social responsibility held by Company Q, there are several areas that could be improved upon, but there are three main areas that stood out which would benefit the company and the community both. The first area would be the way in which the company handles their supply of day old food. Secondly, the company should increase the amount of health-conscience and organic food as requested by the customers. Lastly the company should re-open the stores that they have closed in the areas of high crime rate. Recommendation #1: Give day old food to the food bank. Rather than throwing away the day old food the company should be giving the food to the food bank/soup kitchens to help the less fortunate people in the area who may not have the means of having a meal every day. This will encourage a good attitude towards the store from the other members of the community and will likely increase the customer base of the stores. The company must also have an ethics program in place to instill the company’s morals and values into their employees, ensuring that there will be no fraud or loss of revenues cause by employees that claim they are donating the food. Recommendation #2: Offer more health-conscience and organic food. By fulfilling the request of the customers to offer more health-conscience and organic food there are multiple positive outcomes for

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