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Tasers in Law Enforcement I. Thesis- Tasers are an effective non-lethal weapon that needs to be used in Law Enforcement. II. Tasers have become more popular and more frequently used as the demand for non-lethal weapons has increased greatly since its introduction in 1998. With this demand, Taser sales have sky-rocketed thanks to the innovative technology from TASER International. With the Taser becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement agencies around the world, individuals have begun forming opinions about the device, mostly regarding injuries sustained from being tased. Many people feel tasers are inhuman and are not used properly by police officers, but in reality, they are better for the officers and the citizens alike. According to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Keen, “According to popular belief, tasers have never…show more content…
Taser opponents claim tasers kill people. Like stated before, tasers have never been found to cause death. Subjects, who are tased, then die, usually have a known or unknown heart condition that causes their heart to fail. When an individual is tased, 500,000 volts of electricity rush throughout their nervous system causing their muscles to essentially “freeze”. When this happens, the individual falls to the ground and because the subject is “frozen” they cannot control how or where they land. This is how 97% of taser related injuries occur. Another argument against tasers is that there is the potential for officers to not use their best discretion when considering tasing a subject, simply because it is not lethal and the effects only last five seconds. But what these people do not realize is in order to carry a taser on duty, an officer must be tased and complete training in the basic operations of the taser unit. This knowledge and first hand experience of what the taser is capable of gives officers a greater respect and understanding for the weapon, hence lowering the chances of officers misusing the

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