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Taser Patricia A. Garey-Stokes English Composition 2 August 9, 2010 Abstract The issue of deaths from state to state caused by police officers use of tasers and how it affects peoples’ lives. Some states are in the midst of doing something about the problem. The amount of Taser deaths has grown more and more over time with the use of tasers. Governments are trying to change when and how an officer uses their taser guns and how it is necessary not to harm both the offender and the user. Families of the victims are suing police departments for the misuse of their taser guns, which resulted in the deaths of their love ones. Taser The idea of this report comes from an article from the Hampton County Guardian newspaper of Hampton County S.C... The title is “Family sues HCSO over Taser Death”. (www.hamptoncountyfuardian.com) I choose this issue because it is “Dear to my heart”. The family in this article is my sister and her children, which their ages range from (5 to 21) then. They all witnessed their father killed by the use of a Taser guns. In my essay I will ask the main questions like, (“Why are there taser guns?”), (“Why are there so many deaths with the use of the gun?”), and (“What is done by the government to fix the problem?”). With this report, I hope to reach everyone who may not be informed in this issue and tell him or her, what I have found in this matter. In my first question of my essay, “Why are there taser guns?” The company called Taser International is the makers of the taser gun. They felt the making of the taser gun would help in assistance those in taking down criminals so there would be no one harm. The original inventors are Jack Cover, who was a researcher for NASA back in the 1970s, combine with a man name Rick Smith who is the CEO of Taser International. Taser International is the supplier of the guns and they

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