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Target's Entry Into Canada Essay

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From: Liu Qiaowei
To: Prof. Judy Williams
Subject: Target report's individual part--source of money

Initiate Target Nature Preserves

To initiate the preserve, Target will need to work closely with the government and purchase lands for preservation. In order to experiment the program, a specific city is chosen to implement the plan first—Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. In addition to land purchasing, funding of the preserve, which includes advertisement campaign, opening day BBQ/Carnival event and local university outreaching can be a financial challenge to the Target team. To determine how well the planned actions will turn out, a cost benefit analysis will be provided (F. John Reh). Also, the Canadian government offers various of tax breaks and subsidies to eco-friendly company, which can be a great opportunity for Target.

Benefit from a well-established government relationship

Province of Ontario, where the city of Thunder Bay locates, is a recognized world leader in its forest program and practices (John Wilkinson). Target’s preserve will fit perfectly in the government’s climate control plan. In fact, the Ontario government and the city council of Thunder Bay have recently adopted three major actions to protect their lands and forests where Target can benefit from.

    • In 2010, the Ontario government passed the Far North Act. The intention of this act is to help local communities to develop sustainable land use plans, which is also a purpose of Target’s preserve. The total funding committed to support land use planning is $46 million (Jeffrey, Hon Linda).
    • As part of the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign program, the province of Ontario committed to planting 50 million more trees by 2020. In the first phase of the program, the Ministry of Natural Resources, through a partnership with the Trees Ontario Foundation, will invest more than $4 million to plant two million trees (United Nations Environment Program).
    • The Growth Plan for...

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