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In the field of marketing, the primary objective of an organization is to satisfy the consumer needs. It is very obvious, however, that not all consumer needs can be satisfied. By identifying its potential subsets or target markets, the organization can concentrate its efforts on certain needs of the specific groups of potential consumers. In this case of the Cabana Boy Flavored Rums, young adults with legal age of drinking are the primary target market for this product. The Cabana Boy Flavored Rums is a product brand of flavored light-alcoholic beverage. There are couple reasons for young adults to be identified as the primary target market for the Cabana Boy Rums: its promotion, product, and price. As the promotion technique of the product, the web site provides audiences the information about the six different flavors of rums. Attention from audiences can be drawn from the interesting “dress up” game and the colorful design of the tropical atmosphere, which presents a young and lively feeling. Along with the promotion of other Cabana Boy products, such as T-shirts, towels, and caps, the Cabana Boy Rums is surely focusing on young adults as its primary target market. It is obvious that the Cabana Boy Rums does not solely sell its product, the flavored rums, but also a style for young generation. Besides the interesting promotion from the web, the flavored light-alcoholic design of the product and its relatively low price also show its primary target market of young adults. It is certain that some young adults may have already established brand loyalty to companies of some other alcoholic products. However, for some other young adults, certain brands or types of alcohol can be too strong, and some can be quite unaffordable or simply “boring”. As for its target market, the Cabana Boy Rums concentrates its efforts on those young adults who do not

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