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Advancements in technology seem to accelerate exponentially as the years go by. The population from older generations can all attest to the significant technological advancements has made a great difference in their everyday lives. From listening to monophonic AM radio frequencies to being able to download and listen to the sounds of digitally mastered satellite radio stations, it is easy to see that end-user gratification and convenience has always been the driving force behind technological advancements. The affects of this ever advancing technology boom may seem to have the greatest affect on the general older population since they might feel forced to change their normal routines to adapt with today’s new norms. Even though the changes seem most drastic for the older population, the new generation being born into this era is also greatly effected by same advancements. From black chalkboards to dry erase markers, and poster boards to power points, what older generations consider high tech, the new generation of children and students are now born into this new standard. With out a doubt, the electronic media has defiantly made some of the most conspicuous advancements in today’s society. The release of new electronic media products has recently expanded with products such as blu-ray DVD’s, interactive computer software, BlackBerry‘s, DTS surround sound, 7th generation gaming systems, high-definition LCD screens, TiVo, mp3’s, the selection is overwhelming, and almost everything required high speed internet. Society has grown infatuated with high-definition and on-demand service to grant instant gratification. If you weren’t lucky enough to afford these luxuries, you might end up falling behind. As technology further advances, production became more efficient. Prices began to decrease and become more affordable. These new luxuries became more accessible to

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