Target Corporations Social Responsibility Essay

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Target Corporation is an upscale discount retailer that provides high-quality, on trend merchandise at attractive prices in clean, spacious and guest-friendly stores. The first Target store opened in 1962 in Minneapolis suburb of Roseville, Minnesota. They always focused on convenient shopping at competitive discount prices. Target remain committed to providing a one-stop shopping experience for guests by delivering different types of merchandising and outstanding value with its “ Expect More. Pay Less “brand promise. Target currently is the second largest general merchandise retailer in America, with being ranked one of the most-visited retail websites. I am choosing target for many reasons. I like what they have to offer. Their values are definitely excellent and Target Corporation represents excellent ethical behavior and social responsibility. Target remains committed its legacy of responsible corporate citizenship, ethical business practices, environmental stewardship and generous community support. They focus on efforts to support: education, health, responsible sourcing, safety & preparedness, team member, and volunteerism. Supporting communities through giving has always been a cornerstone in their business. Each year, they give 5 percent of their profits to communities, which add up to more than $4 million each week (Target Corporation 2013). Target supports a lot of factors in life and values and holds great social values. Education is their top social concern. Target believes every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. The company supports programs and activities that benefit education at all levels. Target is on track to give 1 billion to education by the year of 2015. They also support and give to other countries worldwide. Today, the company continues to integrate sustainable practices across their

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