Target Corporation Financial Plan, Bus401

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Financial Report of Target Corporation BUS401: Principles of Finance Financial Report of Target Corporation Introduction This report is an analysis of various financial analysis areas of the Target Corporation with an objective of advising the investors on the way forward with regard to investing in the organization. Current financial figures have been used to develop a financial forecast, in an attempt to provide a clear overview of potential profits for the Target Corporation. Explanations of the current financial state of the company, as well as projections for the future, will lead to a clear picture that investors can use when deciding if purchasing Target Corp. stock is the right addition to their portfolio. Company Background Information Target operates three segments: the US retail segment, US credit card segment, as well as the newest addition, Target Canada. These segments combine to form Target Corp, publicly traded on the NYSE as TGT. The first retail store opened in 1962, in Minnesota. The company has now branched out into 49 states, and internationally, into Canada. The Company sells general merchandise, such as home furnishings, apparel, and home décor, and many of their stores have branched out to include groceries and fresh produce. The company employs over 350,000 employees worldwide. Target Corp is the second largest retail giant, second only to Walmart. Target is active in the communities that they are in, providing 5% back to the community (Target, 2014). Target had a large setback in late 2013, during which a computer hack caused millions of customer’s personal information, such as credit card numbers, to be taken. This caused a major loss for the company in the fourth quarter of 2013. Target Corporation is a fast growing company, with strong roots and community ties. Financial Statements Analysis CURRENT ASSETS Cash

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