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Niche Product Target Audience Profile Sugar Magazine Demographics The product I chose was a magazine called “Sugar”. The age group it is targeted at is early teenage girls aged 12 - 16, and it doesn’t really have an appropriate Social Occupational Classification because teenage girls are in school so wouldn’t be in full time work. Psychographics The genre is a teen magazine, and similar products on the market are “Shout” and “Bliss”. These magazines are full of things teenage girls would like to read about, for example, celebrities, clothes, problem pages, horoscopes etc. They also occasionally come with free gifts, like make up or a bag or something and include posters. There aren’t any brand loyalties with these type of magazines, where as they would be with TV shows, or fan magazines. The way these magazines differ would be that I think Bliss would probably be targeted at girls in the middle teens (14-17), and Sugar tried to make their magazine different by having a separate magazine included called “LadMag”, which was written by a teenage boy to give girls an insight to what boys are thinking. Geodemographics With this particular product, I don’t think that the MOSAIC Classification Groups are appropriate, because they’re more aimed at family units as whole, and a young teenage girl from any of the groups would be just as likely to read these magazines as the other. (Not including Twilight Subsistence and Grey Perspectives as they are both groups describing pensioners) BARB Visit to answer the following questions. 1. What do the initials BARB stand for? Broadcasters' Audience Research Board 2. Click on ‘About BARB’ and then on ‘Television Measurement Service’. Briefly outline in your own words what BARB does. The BARB are an organisation that are responsible for providing the official measurement of the UK TV

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