Tara Millero's Isolated Children

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Amandalyn Brunelle 2/16/18 Reflection Paper Isolated Children In Tara Millero’s “Isolated Children” she focuses on the physical and mental affects isolating a child has. This topic caught my eye in our sociology book so I decided to read more on it. Previous from reading her article I had a strong feeling she was going to bring up many strong points and as I thought she strongly touched based on a lot of great points about this topic. I agreed with everything she had to say and I learned a lot about what isolation does to a child. This topic wasn’t what I expected it to be however, I am pleased to say that it turned out much better even though it’s not an enjoyable subject to talk about I enjoyed reading her opinion on this issue. Towards the Tara Millero taught me many things she also brought up many effective points in her article. Including socialization is very important to human beings, children who are isolated growing up usually become physiologically and psychologically deformed, and if children are kept isolated room for the first ten…show more content…
How would I act? Then I thought about children who actually experience no socialization growing up. Us humans need socialization it’s a key factor to life it teaches us how to do everything. Tara says, “The way children learn to walk and talk is through socialization. Socialization is the process of learning to participate in group life through the acquisition of culture (Shepard, 2010). Through socialization is how people learn and experience different cultures”. She is right without socialization you don’t know how to do anything interaction with people is how you become you and if you get that taken away from you when you’re younger than you never get to grow as a person you’re stuck never knowing how to be a person. The worst case is you become ill and that brings in Tara’s next great

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