Tar and Feathering Essay

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Tar and Feathering From the history, the action of tar and feathering appeared for a long time. What is tar and feathering? Tar and feathering is actually an ancient punishment, but not really used in the Great Britain. This type of punishment was found corresponding with the Boston Tea Party and the action made by the KKK. As stated, during the period of Boston Tea Party took place colonists were mad at the Great Britain government and feathered those merchants of their anger. On the other hand, KKK used the action of tar and feathering onto the victims mainly to show they are serving a higher purpose by torturing and murdering. Even nowadays, there are crimes that used tar and feathering in the modern Britain. How the Boston Tea Party started? It mainly started as the American colonists are in danger of those actions made by the Great British government. And the two main cause of the Boston Tea Party took place were due to the seven year wars and the greediness of the governors back in the Great Britain. Sever Year war can be also known as the French and Indian War. In these seven years, the Great Britain soldier won some great victories over the French, and they even got a new land in Quebec. However, “In reality, a state of war had existed in North America since 1754. The war was of significance as the two great powers fought on land and sea in nearly all parts of the world, invested huge amounts of money, material and men in this conflict, to the point that they both emerged exhausted from it.” (http://faculty.marianopolis.edu/c.belanger/quebechistory/encyclopedia/SevenYearsWar-FrenchandIndianWar-TheWaroftheConquest.htm) Both nation burns too much money on the war, even when the British won the land, they can’t afford to pay those soldiers in order to protect the new land they conquered. As a result, they need to raise tax in the mainland; however, those
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