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Unit 301 – Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment Written Assignment Part 1 – Understand the principles and requirements of assessment. 1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development To complete the hairdressing NVQ, the student has to build a portfolio full of practical and written evidence on their knowledge in the industry. This evidence is observed and passed by an assessor. The purpose of assessment is to judge whether the candidate can consistently perform to the hairdressing standards. The first part of the assessing process is planning. Planning for assessments is vital for the candidate as it helps them to understand what is expected from them. It is also important for the assessor so that they too understand which unit is to be covered and assessed, and gives them time to make sure they have the correct environment in which the assessment will take place. This is especially important when a written test is taking place. The assessor has to ensure that the learners are sat in a room in which there are no helpful displays in view and are sat at a distance in which they cannot copy each other’s work. The assessment plan is a document in which all progress can be recorded. The candidate has to complete the assessment plan before any assessment, written or practical, to show that they are aware of what they are being assessed on. This is helpful to the assessor to ensure that the student is capable of what they have planned for to prevent any unnecessary stress to the candidate during the assessment process. Assessment plans should be planned ahead, however if a situation naturally occurs in the workplace, an assessment can still be completed and recorded in the log book if passed. Assessment plans are also used to record feedback from the completed assessment, and whether it has been passed or referred. This is a

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