Tapestry Dance Critique

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Tapestry Dance Company The Souls of Our Feet was presented by Encore University Arts. The performance was sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, and performed by Tapestry Dance Company. This show had a length in total of a little more than two hours, consisting of many different dance pieces. Attending this performance we were able to see the many differences and variations presented in the genre of tap. The main theme of the performance was from the late 1930’s- early 1940’s era. On stage in between the dances they had small clips of videos including famous tap dancers from the era. With these videos, they incorporated them into the dancers’ on stage performance. The dancers’ attire matched the character within the video shown, making what felt like a reenactment of the dances. The lighting of this show was not a huge part in the production of the Tapestry performance. The stage was well lit with a red back drop, helping the audience focus on the dancers, as their attire mostly consisted of basic colors such as black, white, and beige. The only time the lighting of the stage was affective was when the dancers entered and exited the stage. The main theme to Souls of Our Feet was based on the 1930’s-1940’s era. The lighting was not a big part of the production, but the incorporated movie clips, as well as the costumes were a main part in creating the theme. The presentation of dances, were presented very clean with a large amount of variation in technique. Each of the tap dancers had a unique way they carried themselves on stage. A few of the female dancers had light movement with strong taps, while the others would use a lot of movement in both arms and feet. The combination of both male and female dancers’ provided the audience with different varieties of tap. My personal favorite dance they performed occurred in act I of the production. This dance was a duet with a

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