Tap Water vs Bottled Water

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The use of bottled water is a controversial topic. Some people claim that bottled water is convenient and healthiest while others, however, believe that it is waste money and bad for the environment. Although both sides of the issue have merit, bottled water is not beneficial because of its impact on the environment, finances and health. Bottled water is harmful to the environment. All the containers including water bottles are made from natural gas and petroleum. The cost to fuel 100,000 cars a year is what is spent to make water bottle that Americans use a year. In addition, the making of plastic materials, processing the water, fill and seal the bottles, and transporting water bottles to the various stores around the country is an expensive waste of energy and severely drains the limited fossil fuels. In “Bad To The Last Drop,” bottled water “is shipped at vast expense from one part of the world to another, is the kept refrigerated before sale, and causes huge amounts of plastic bottles to into landfills.” According to, “In praise of tap water,” only about 23% of the bottle will end up being recycled. Almost 77% of water bottles are not recycled. More often than not, water bottles end up by the road side, in the rivers and oceans. This contributes a lot of pollution to the air and harms the ozone layer. Bottled water is also extremely expensive compared to tap water. “Meanwhile if you choose to get your recommended eight glasses a day from bottled water, you could spend up to $1,400 annually. The same amount of tap would cost about 49c.” Spending that much money on a commodity that should free and in a country like America where there is easy access to clean water is inhuman. Those who can easily afford bottled water in the developed world should consider switching to tap water and donate that money to clean water initiatives in the

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