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Aaron Globerson Tap Paper From the movie I learned many things about tap dancing. From just watching the dancers in the movie I earned that you can incorporate so many different styles into tapping other then just tapping the bottoms of your shoes. Tappers will add in moves such as slides, spins, and jumps to add flare and character to their routines. Now on the more internal side, tap dancing is all about connecting to the beat you hear and feel inside you. It is about the beats you hear and trying to recreate them in the form of dance. Tappers are like drummers, marching to their own beat. They are not always the most popular dancers as the movie showed, but they are always unique. Tap will never die because tap dancers have too much heart and soul. The movie showed that tap dancing comes in different forms. You can have the kind that is Broadway like where everyone falls in line and does the same moves and steps. However, the main character conveyed that tap dancing is about the individual, and how each tapper can express them in a creative way. From watching his moves, I learned that tapping should not have any set rules, that it is a free form expression. He shows that tapping can be done to any beat you feel; in any kind of way you feel it. Tap dancing is a lot like jazz music in this way, because there is no one correct way to play jazz music. Like jazz, tap comes in so many styles that there is no one specific way of doing either that would be considered the correct way of doing it. Last but not least I learned that tap dancing should be fun. Whenever the characters were dancing, they were having fun, and that is what tap truly seems to show, is that it should always be

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