Taoism Vs. Confucianism Essay

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Chris Brandl April 8, 2009 Non-Western Religions Confucianism/Taoism Paper The two Chinese religions that we studied were Confucianism and Taoism; both of which came from around the same time. Confucius was born in 551 BCE[1], about 53 years after Loa Tzu the founder of Taoism who was believed to have been born in 604 BCE[2]. Even though these two religions originated at around the same time, one will find that they offer two surprisingly different paths to follow. During the time of Confucius there was great chaos in Chinese society. He believed that the way to restore order was to reinforce the old traditions. By creating deliberate traditions in society, people would think about what they were doing. He believed that if people had deliberate traditions it would lead them to perfect relationships, and if people knew how to act in a perfect relationship then they would know what it was to be a perfect human or Chun Tzu. Confucius believed this because he thought that it was social interaction that made a human body a person. If there was never any interaction with other people then that being would have the same body but not be human. He believed that everyone should have Jen which is benevolence or human-heartedness[3]. Confucius also believed that all humans should follow five constant relationships in order to become a Chun Tzu which were parent and child, husband and wife, elder and younger sibling, elder and younger friend and ruler and subject.[4] The responsibility in the first is for the father to teach the son, the mother to teach the daughter and for the children to respect their parents. The second involves the husband providing for and protecting the wife while she keeps the house up and raises the children. The next two, the older and younger sibling and friend, are very similar. The older is supposed to teach the younger and the

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