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Running head: Tantronics Tantronics.com is a company that specializes in camouflage for both civilian and military applications. We chose to use a website design company and looked for the designer to provide a website that is visually pleasing and usable for our employees and customers and also easy to update and maintain. We have full visibility from all internet searches. The web site will enable customer retention and conversion. Since we already have a product catalog, seamless integration is necessary between the website and catalog. In order to measure performance, the site will deliver leadership with reports and statistics for business optimization. The company we have chosen to work with is Ecommercepartners.net. Tantronics believes Ecommercepartners uses a web design blueprint document, which is a ecommerce requirement, that enables website design. For instance, it recognizes the need for custom developed or standard ecommerce website tools which will work with 3rd party applications and will be necessary during implementation. Once complete with the Ecommerce Requirement Specification, the next step will be Ecommerce Development Module. Ecommerce Development Module incorporates all launch processes so that all phases of the website launch are properly choreographed to ensure the quality results and expectations are met. Our marketing plan is developed to work in stages with initial funding prioritized for establishing a steady stream of customers to the website. To establish Tantronics.com and generate steady traffic to the website, two separate mediums will be used. The two mediums will have electronic media, including everything from email notifications to social networking pages, and traditional media; meaning any advertising not done using the internet. With the combination of electronic and traditional media,

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