Tante Rose's Character from the Bicycle Essay

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Tante Rose's Character In the short story we experience both sides to Tante Rose's sides, physical and emotional. Since Tante Rose got Arthritis and coupled with an old injury to nerves under her collarbone, had sent her slender fingers curling in toward themselves "and had swollen her knuckles so they were like knotted wood" (Horton, ) which made her give up her dream to be a professional concert pianist she decided to take Hannah under her wing and give her the experience that she never had the chance to feel. Tante Rose's physical features were that she was tall, thin, and page, with thick, black hair "that she wore cropped at the back of her neck" (Horton, ) and she was also Jewish Tante Rose also knew how to speak Yiddish besides her two main which were English and Hebrew, but besides her physical side there is still her emotional side. Tante Rose is very strict about these two rules that Hannah must not break which are 1) Not to break the Sabbath law in any way, 2) To never ride a bicycle. We all can agree that breaking the Sabbath law in most Jewish households was a bad thing, but riding a bicycle was crazy Hannah thought. Before Tante Rose had given up her dream to be a concert pianist she also loved to ride her bike, and one time when she was she younger she was pitched off of her bike and broke her collarbone and it never healed properly. That is why she did not want Hannah to ride a bike. Tante Rose can also be very selfish at times, where when she took Hannah in it was just so she could live the dream that she could never had lived. This is the summary of Tante Rose's

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