Tanning Salon Research Paper

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In today’s society many advertisements portray women as unhealthy. Research has shown that tanning salons represent women with health issues. There are a few different reasons why tanning salons depict women as damaging. Some examples of exposure to ultraviolet rays are Skin Cancer, developing wrinkles and damaging your cornea and retina which may cause blindness. “There's more evidence on the hazards of tanning beds. Baking under their artificial lamps as little as once a month can boost your risk of a deadly form of skin cancer by 55% -- and the danger is even greater when done in early adulthood.” (Kirchheimer). This shows that tanning beds expose women to be unhealthy because there’s a higher risk of getting cancer when exposed to artificial sunlight. The most common issue that everyone knows about is skin cancer. There are three different types of skin cancer. Malignant Melanoma is a skin cancer that is developed in skin cells that give the skin its color. “This form of melanoma has increased more…show more content…
In today’s society physical appearance is highly thought of. Everyone wants to look younger, skinnier and more attractive. Tanning salons promote this indefinitely. Tanning Salons advertise themselves by creating special packages for teens going to proms and packages for adults for holidays or formal events. For tanning salon owners, I feel that this message can be presented in a different manner by letting people know the real precautions of indoor tanning. This can be done mainly in fine print on websites or even by giving people a pamphlet on what can actually happen. In conclusion, between everything from skin cancer to maybe going blind for the rest of my life, it looks like I as well as many of my family members will be staying away from the greatness of indoor tanning. References Sid Kirchheimer, (2003) WebMD Health

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