Tanning Beds Persuasive Speech

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Laura Monsivais Philosophy May, 04, 2014 Tanning beds: The Danger of Getting a Damaged Skin Tanning beds are very popular among teenagers and adults, although they are more common among females; there is still a considerable amount of males that use it. We know that exposure to UV radiation can be very damaging to the body in the long term, however, the users are not aware of the full damages they can face or they do not consider them since these are not harms that they will have to deal with today, these are damages that add up and that they will have to face later on in life, when it is too late. Restrictions have already been made in some states; like requiring parent’s consent for underage users, or having to wait 24 hours between tanning sessions.…show more content…
Some parents use tanning beds as well and don’t think it is too damaging as long as they don’t use it very often. Tanning beds are damaging to the skin and mind; some people believe they should ban them altogether, but if we forbid their use, people are going to expose to solar radiation anyways in order to obtain the so desired “healthy glow”. What needs to be done is to improve the regulations we already have and raise people awareness on the damage they are exposing their bodies. Because even if we have more regulations, people are still going to expose themselves to sun radiation to get tanned, so we need to fully inform them of the harms and consequences, and change society’s perception of a tanned skin as a sign of health and

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