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This disease begins in the melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that are found in the top layer of your skin call the epidermis. The epidermis is the thin layers that protects the thick tissue and organs beneath it. The disease begins in these type of cells. One of the risk factors for this disease is exposure to UA (ultraviolet) rays. Sunlight is our main source for UV rays. Tanning beds is another source. While UA rays only make up some portion of the sun’s light, UA rays are the main cause for damage to the skin. These rays damage the DNA of the skin cells. It is when this damage begins that the disease takes hold. Another factor are moles. A mole is a benign pigmented tumor. Moles are not present at birth but begin to appear as we…show more content…
Thus halting the spread of this illness. One of the areas I have started to change and would continue to change is my exposure to the sun. My make-up currently contains an SPF but I need to make sure that I apply sunscreen all over my exposed skin to limit the result of too much sun exposure. I also use a broad brimmed hat, an umbrella that is lined underneath, sunglasses, and also sunscreen lip balm. Another way I would be proactive is to make an appointment for an examination by a dermatologist. A thorough examination by a professional could save your life. Also self-examination is also a way for early detection. Either way, being aware of any changes and alerting your dermatologist is yet another way not to play roulette with your well-being. And finally avoid all tobacco products. By not consuming something that is noted by the Surgeon General to cause cancer and death you increase your chances of not developing this disease in the future. My life is too valuable to take for granted and I am going to continue to try and like as healthy as I can by following my plan above. I also will do my best to increase awareness of this illness in my family and friends. Bacon should be the only thing frying not your

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